Hospital Buildings-01

850 (1154) Beds Capacity of State Hospital, Balıkesir/TURKEY

Metroplan Consulting Engineering Industry & Trade Ltd Co.

Chief Project Supervisor

Building Spefications:

Construction site execution of 192.405,00 m2 closed area 850 beds (1154) capacity Metropolitan Hospital which consist of more than 25 sub-contractors  and 1450 (2017,01,19) persons staff in Balıkesir.



*Preparation of the work program,  preparation of the daily and monthly reports, daily monitoring  (construction, electrical, mechanical, business-  related equipment and other hardware equipment).

*Time of the work program in accordance with the construction of production, complete and carried  out in accordance with the specified quality, work safety regulations and instructions to be ensured that the work proper, etc.

*Conferring with contractor to determine project details, such as plan preparation, acceptance testing, and evaluation of field conditions.

*Conducting materials test and analysis, using tools and equipment, and applying engineering knowledge.

*Weekly quality control meeting in the project manager office, control of the conformity of the certificate for the materials used in manufacturing  and archiving, be made to do the concrete and steel or external independent testing laboratories, results of monitoring and control, reporting of unsuitable results, making measurements of critical materials to construction from storage (coating thickness, usage history,  inventory, etc., indoor and store regularly) warnings made for protection in the field of manufacturing and materials, recommendations and solutions  exploration, daily field performing quality control, etc.

*Responsible for the supervision of whole construction works including  infrastructural works, landscaping works during the construction and as  well as after construction period according to  the project and contract.